Services on Offer


Services on Offer


Below you will find all the currently available one-to-one talking services in Sandwell.  These include talking therapies, counselling and listening and guidance services.  All of the following services can be accessed through our Sandwell Wellbeing Hub by phoning 0303 033 9903.  Our staff at the Hub can help you decide which service would be the best for you.

If you are interested in accessing our group workshops and self-guided materials please see our 'Self-Help & Group Work' pages.

You may find that attending a group workshop or accessing self-guided materials at the same time as one-to-one support is very beneficial.


For individuals experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, low to moderate depression, phobias and panic attacks.  The support offered is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)..  

The counselling service offers individuals a safe space to explore issues that are troubling them.

A team of workers who will assess and signpost clients needing support and enable people to access services available to meet their needs. They will help to support families achieve optimum wellbeing. 

Workers who support pre/post natal families, ladies who are feeling low or who have lost a baby, to achieve optimum emotional wellbeing.  

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Self Help & Group Work

Information about a range of fun workshops, self-help programmes and events.

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Information about a range of face to face talking and listening services

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A searchable directory of other local services that may be of interest.

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Harm Prevention

This site is still underconstruction.

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