How common is it to need some help?


How common is it to need some help?

Problems caused by feeling low (depression), and anxious (e.g. panic, phobia, worry, rituals) effect 16% of the population at any time. This means that on average, 16 out of every 100 people are suffering at any time, and therefore you are very likely to know someone who has been affected by these problems (even if they haven't told you).

In fact, anxiety and depression are part of our lives to such an extent that they are called 'Common Mental Health Problems'.

Speaking to a therapist doesn't mean you are self-indulgent or going mad; it can take strength to be prepared to look at yourself and your situation.

Accessing advice or treatment quickly can help manage thoughts and feelings of low mood. In fact accessing therapeutic services can build resilience thus making us better able to deal with future stresses we all encounter.


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